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Start growing sustainably in the economic winter now

We live in an emerging new world between controlling of the pandemic and before the economic turbulence hits. In this defining moment for business you as a CEO become the defining factor to navigate your company through adversity.

You can either hope for going back to 'normal' or use challenges as fuel to thrive. You can lose yourself in daily operations or grow sustainably by creating what your clients need more of. You can try to do it alone or come together with CEO peers to accelerate finding unconventional solutions in this narrow window of opportunity. It's up to you where your ship is heading.

So, join us for the 2-month DreamersDo CEO Mastery Program to equip yourself and your business now with the mindset, insights, vision and plan to survive and thrive in the economic winter.

Check out a recent interview with Peter Goryalov for Manager magazine to learn where to focus your attention in order not only to survive, but to thrive in these disruptive times.

Act in this narrow window of opportunity before adversity hits

An unprecedented amount in human history – around $7 trillion and EUR 2 trillion are printed. It's a tsunami. According to Accenture $3 trillion of goods and services are shifting to new companies and industries worldwide due to new consumer behaviors. Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum, said, “The pandemic represents a rare, but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world.”

Businesses that best anticipate the impact of these trends will reap the benefits. Have you equipped to thrive in prolonged adversity?

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“Sustainability became a synonym for using less of what we have instead of creating more of what is needed.”

Naveen Jain

Founder of Moon Express – the first private company allowed to land on the moon

Are you experiencing any of the following?

Tension with your clients


  • You need to grow revenue and profit, but your clients are pressuring the business.
  • Revenue from established clients dropped and you need to create new revenue sources.
  • Sizable new market opportunities are emerging, but your team fails to seize them or isn't fast enough.

Tension in the business


  • You are trying to recover revenue and profit, but it feels like the business is losing momentum.
  • Your business is growing, but there are too many moving parts and bottlenecks are stifling it.
  • You want to drive the business swiftly and sustainably in adversity, but your team lacks the level of engagement for it.

Tension within yourself


  • You feel the urgency to get a Roadmap for equipping for adversity, but don't know how.
  • You are striving to lead with speed, but you are lost in complexity and your vision is clouded.
  • You know what to do in the company, but don't know where and how to start it and your business is losing momentum.

Benefit from the DreamersDo CEO Mastery Program

Grow your revenue in unpredictable economy

Growing revenue and profit sustainably in the current adverse economy is a brand new game for any CEO. Clients' needs are shifting. Detect emerging opportunities early and turn them into revenue growth of up to 30%.

Accelerate preparation for prolonged adversity

Shorten years into days with this program - it encapsulates 15 years of dedicated crafting of what works for CEOs. Fast track your own preparation and mobilize the team for the economic winter to thrive.

Make smarter and timely decisions among CEO peers

Take advantage from the unmatched work environment of driven CEO peers to gain clarity of vision and make more precise and timely decisions to position your business for growth.

What will you get with CEO Mastery Program?

Plan for 2-month Premium CEO experience

Equipping your business for prolonged adversity is not a one day job. Depending on the maturity of the company, it may require at least 6–12 months of intense preparation to be in full gear. The moment to start is now.

Your investment in the DreamersDo CEO Mastery Program will bring results, if you strive to:

Draw your map for navigating in unpredictable economy


To avoid losing yourself in complexity in turbulence, gain game changing CEO levarage on what has the biggest impact on driving revenues and profits.

  1. Start building resilience within the business by focusing on the 5 keys to sustainable profitable growth in adversity.

  2. Take advantage of the 5 CEO levers in any company to quickly identify the gaps and opportunities for growth and navigate in uncharted territory.

  3. Lead with simplicity in complexity by mastering the two daily activities impacting 99% of the business.

Build financial fitness now to weather turbulence


To avoid chaotic actions and reactive decisions under stress in turbulence, prepare to be financially fit and take advantage of market shifts amid inflation.

  1. What tectonic shifts to expect in the global financial system in the next 1-2 years that will impact your business.

  2. What are KPIs and financial indicators to watch from now so your business is financially fit to weather prolonged adversity.

  3. Correct pricing and remuneration in time to avoid sinking in the red in inflation.

Seize emerging opportunities to sustainably grow


To mitigate risks of shifting client behavior that is already redistributing $3 trillion in goods and services globally, learn to anticipate emerging opportunities.

  1. Increase revenue by at least 30% (depending on the size of the business) now with powerful small moves.

  2. Install a mechanism to detect "weak signals" of emerging challenges and opportunities and turn them in profit.

  3. Wow clients and with urgency create 'raving fans' allowing you to sustainably grow.

Mobilize the mind, heart and actions of your team for prolonged adversity


To avoid sluggish revenue and profit growth and thrive you need to urgently mobilize your management team for a combination of "ultra marathon" and short sprints.

  1. Initially mobilize the mind, heart and actions of your team to execute toward exceptional results in prolonged adversity.

  2. Transform judgement, cynicism and fear among your team to stay "on mission" amid turbulence.

  3. Ensure rapid planning, accountability and speeded execution for long periods of adversity.

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“If you’re not worried, you need to worry. And if you’re worried, you don’t need to worry.”

Ray Dalio

Referred to as “Steve Jobs of investing” and founder of Bridgewater Associates – the largest hedge fund managing $160  billion

Why the CEO Mastery Program brings real results in real time for your business?

For today’s radically new business challenges, CEOs need radically new solutions.

It’s high time to go beyond traditional executive management training, which primary goal is to teach you about business by combining lecturing, scenarios, case studies, hoping it is preparing you for business. Same goes for coaching for leadership skills, which aims to develop certain skills, but too often is not directly tied to business results.

The DreamersDo CEO Mastery Program breaks away from this. Our primary goal is to support you to achieve real results in real time. Secondary goal is learning in action which to allows you to repeat, master and build on your results. The difference between the two approaches is like between an old rotary dial telephone and iPhone Pro 12.

Real results in real time is our DreamersDo signature technology for bringing the highest value possible adequate to the magnitude of challenges CEOs are facing. The DreamersDo CEO Mastery Program creates an unmatched work environment where CEOs from non-competitive companies can get adequate, in action support to get real results in real time.

Here’s how we do that:

Facilitated by renowned CEO coaches to get real results


The program is facilitated by CEO coaches with major international recognitions, 15-years of in-depth experience with CEOs resulting in profit growth in some cases up to 6 times. You will rapidly gain insights, translate them into actions and quick wins, plan how to equip for adversity and better position for sustainable growth.

Step back to work ON the business in real time


This premium 2-month CEO experience combines work on the spot, individual and group executive sessions, plus 2-month execution. This allows you to step back from daily operations and work ON the business. You will get uninterrupted productive time to individually focus and execute on the most important for your business.

Accelerate with unmatched CEO dialogue


Proximity is power. Get ready to challenge your thinking, get a clearer vision and accelerate results in unparalleled deeper dialogue with driven CEO peers.

All interactions (in peers and group) are confidential - focused on the process versus specific content.

What our CEO clients say?

Real results


"The greatest benefit is the time I saved – in a highly intensive format I managed to focus, do meaningful work and finally take a decision for the direction of the company that I was struggling with for months."

CEO, Electronics

In real time


“What was truly different was the facilitator's approach – no one is teaching you, telling you. Instead, your ideas are elicited in such a way that you can implement them in your company afterwards.”

General Manager, Logistics

High Performance CEO dialogue


“What was truly different for me was working in a group of peer CEOs and at the same time working for myself and my company. I had a chance to see different perspectives, solutions and ways of tackling the new market reality.”

CEO, Construction

Who is the CEO Mastery Program for?

Beneficial for you as CEO, if you are:

  • Serious about sustainable business growth and you want to equip for the economic winter.
  • Striving to serve clients at the highest level possible and continuously bring value to them.
  • Ready to commit the time and the energy to be all in.
  • Hungry to evolve personally and professionally.


Not suitable for CEOs who:

  • Feel they know it all and are not ready to challenge their thinking.
  • Have an "I-am-very-busy" attitude and don't want to commit the time and energy to actively participate.
  • Are not hungry to personally and professionally grow.
  • Those with fragile egos can have a hard time.

What to expect?

Now more than ever, CEOs need radically new mindset and decision making so as to face the adverse challenges of the new economy.

This format is not for the faint of heart as attendees will be required to stretch their thinking, challenge their beliefs, and engage as a major participant in the process.

You will be challenged to think, interact, and respond differently in order to come out with a clear plan to sustainably grow your business even beyond your radar.

Take advantage of the decision making and conversational mindset and toolset used by CEOs of billion dollar companies

Accelerate results with #1 conversational practice


To prepare the business for the economic storm speed and sustainability are critical.

Regardless whether you are building your company financial fitness, getting ready to detect emerging challenges and opportunities among clients and partners or mobilizing the team, you as an orchestrator of the business need battle proven framework for decision making that will ensure both speed and sustainability in every move.

That is why during your CEO Mastery Program you will also equip yourself with the decision making framework and the #1 conversational practice that multiply trust with your clients and team, increase speed and agility and propel execution.

They are based on Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ), created by Judith Glaser, executive coach and consultant whoworked with CEOs and executives of Fortune 500 companies, including Angela Ahrendts, former Senior VP of Apple Retail, for over 20 years.

Irina Goryalova was in the first "dream team" of Judith Glaser to spearhead Conversational Intelligence® globally.

In the making of a trillion dollar business at Apple


Transforming the customer experience at the Apple retail stores across the world as a place to connect is what Angela Ahrendts achieved as a Senior VP of Apple Retail during her tenure from 2014 to 2019.

She managed 67,000 people – 2/3 of all Apple employees, and increased revenues from online and physical store from $37 billion to $59 billion. Employee retention hit the whopping 89% (up from 61% in 2 years), compared to 20% average across the rest of the industry.

In 2018 Apple became the world’s first trillion-dollar company. According to AppleInsider, her work was “central to the rise of the company into the world’s most profitable firm”.

Naturally, Angela Ahrendts’s been Apple’s best-paid employee, taking in $24.2 million in 2017. That’s twice what Apple CEO Tim Cook salary.

Previously, Ahrendts was CEO of the luxury fashion house Burberry for 8 years, where she transformed it from a traditional business that was stagnating and couldn’t break through the $1 billion mark into a technologically savvy international powerhouse. During her tenure she tripled the value of Burberry shares to approximately $9 billion. For her contribution to British business Angela Ahrendts received the honorary The Dame of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth.

Used only by CEOs of Fortune 500 companies until recently, C-IQ is embedded in the facilitation of the CEO Mastery Program

The DreamersDo CEO Mastery Program is facilitated based on the latest conversational technologies, including Conversational Intelligence®, created by Judith E. Glaser.

* * *

“Together technology and conversations are the next wave of where people are going in the next 10 years.”

Judith E. Glaser

Executive Coach and consultant of Angela Ahrendts, former CEO of Burberry and VP of Apple

DreamersDo CEO Mastery Program is based on cutting edge conversational technologies including Conversational Intelligence®, created by Judith Glaser. Irina was in the first “dream team” of Judith Glaser to spearhead globally.

* * *

“Times are too urgent right now. CEOs are gonna have to act with clarity and with a firm step instead of taking baby steps.”

Joseph Jaworski

Chairman of Generon International

Hi, we are Peter and Irina!

From our 15 years of first hand witnessing the daily challenges and decision making of CEOs of small and big companies in good and bad times a few seemlngly obvious, but largely underestimated facts stand out.

1. There is no other person responsible for the whole business and its results, but the CEO.

2.  The CEO is the only one in the organization who needs to hold two contradictions - the big picture and daily operations - and take into account the interest of all stakeholders inside and outside the company in every single business decision.

3. The CEO is also the only one with the highest and quickest impact - even two words can immediately negatively or positively influence team members or cause ripples on the market.

In a nutshell, the responsibility and the complexity the CEO has to manage are times greater than that of any other manager in the company. However, often money goes everywhere else in the organization, but the CEO. Not using correctly the power of the CEO engine is one of the costliest and most underestimated mistakes we witnessed in business.

Why is it underestimated?

The kind of support CEOs are most often getting is leadership skills training and at best - occasional executive courses at Harvard or MBAs. These are nice to have, but are completely missing the point. Because they are not supporting the CEO to deal with the real world daily challenges and get real results in action now.
The root of the problem is that CEOs are too often perceived as employees with higher salaries and perks. But CEOs are neither simply employees, nor trainees. They are THE key asset that orchestrates all other assets in any business and ultimately drives sustainable revenue and profit growth, or not.

CEOs are already on the arena and need no chit-chat recommendations, but adequate, robust, in-action support to get real results in real time.

Why is it the costliest?

Because the CEO can propel the company forward or become its very bottleneck. Therefore, the CEO is the single critical point in any business where with minimum adequate investment you can leverage it to achieve maximum impact on revenue and profit growth.

Why is it mission critical for your business to equip yourself as a CEO now?

In this deepening economic turbulence and neck breaking speed, if you and your business aren't keeping up, you risk being left behind. In this defining moment you are the defining factor to navigate the ship safely and profitably to the other side of the storm. This will depend firstly on whether CEOs will come together to solve common problems by tapping in their collective experience and wisdom. Secondly, on whether individual CEOs will own their CEO power to mobilize their companies toward creating unprecedented value for clients and thrive in unprecedented economic winter vs. trying to survive and getting left behind.

Out of this massive necessity we created the DreamersDo CEO Academy as a puzzle of executive action, reflection and execution based programs for real results in real time, aiming to support your business to thrive in any economy.

We specifically developed the first signature program - the DreamersDo CEO Mastery - to accelerate your preparation for prolonged economic adversity.

Join us and driven CEO peers to equip yourself as a CEOs and your business now in order to survive and thrive in the economic winter!

We love supporting CEOs to turn their vision into reality and sustainably grow their business

We deeply believe that business is the greatest force for good in the world. So, we consciously choose to partner with CEOs striving to turn their visions into reality and with their products and services to increase the quality of life of people and step by step improve the overall environment.

Since 2006 we worked with CEOs in the largest CEO-led organizational transformation projects of over 250,000 EUR resulting in profit growth in some cases up to 6 times. We have experience with companies – leaders in diverse industries, ranging between BGN 7 million to 400 million in revenue and from 20 to over 2,500 employees.

What makes us unique is our 15 years of relentless focus, dedication and care in meeting CEOs’ imminent challenges and building sustainable profitable growth, even in crisis – all stemming from our  belief that they are drivers of the economy.

Here are some visions we supported to become a reality, aiming to improve the following:

Change people's lives through sport, on and off the field of play, with adidas - a truly global company with a mission to be the best sports brand in the world.

Financial culture – people becoming more responsible at managing their debt with EOS, a global leader in debt management.

Next generation water sewage infrastructure throughout Bulgaria with ACO Building Elements - a global leader in drainage.

Food culture with 24 Kitchen and “Explore Bulgaria” of Nat Geo with the then FOX International Channels.

Mobility and overall quality of life with Balkanstar – the then long time importer of established brands like Mercedes Benz (now Silver Star).

Among our customers are CEOs of:

Our story


DreamersDo client project – benchmark on the planet for sustainable growth


Raising the first national conversation about the future of management

Las Vegas, USA

Global award for leadership and contribution to the coaching profession

United Kingdom

Sharing a bold vision for Bulgaria becoming a hub for world-class leaders


Five of DreamersDo CEO clients recognized in Top 10

More About Our Story

When you enroll in the DreamersDo CEO Mastery Program you will receive:

VIP Signature

2 month of CEO Mastery Package

Part  I

  • 2-hour individual session on mobilizing your business for growth in unpredictable economy
  • 3 days live on mobilizing business, finance and seizing client opportunities in adversity and creating action plan
  • 1 month - the CEO executes on the action plan, catalyzed by weekly 10-minute peer accountability and sustained rhythm, specifically designed to accelerate results
  • 2-hour online group Execution sessions for accelerating action plan execution (within 2 weeks after the 3 days)

Part  II

  • 1 day live on Team mobilizing for adversity
  • 2-hour online group Execution session for accelerating team alignment and results (within 2 weeks)
  • 2-hour individual follow-up session – debrief on results and crystallizing long and short term goals
  • Breakthrough CEO Community

VIP Advanced

3 month of CEO Matery Package

  • Everything included in VIP Signature Package  +
  • 2 x 2-hour individual executive coaching sessions on Team alignment or generating Client opportunity, including 1-month catalyzed CEO execution in between.
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