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How to Grow Your Business in Uncertainty and “Wow” Your Customers?

Check out a recent interview with Peter Goryalov for Manager magazine to learn where to focus your attention in order not only to survive, but to thrive in these uncertain times.

The “economic winter” and its opportunities require a new mindset and toolset to thrive. 

Equip yourself and your business today to not only survive, but to thrive in the next 10 years of economic recovery. Book a consultation to see how to best accelerate your business.

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Equip yourself as CEO So Your Business 
to Thrive in The Economic Winter

Focus on the 1% That Has 99% Impact on Results


To avoid losing yourself in complexity, gain control on what has the biggest impact on driving revenues and profits.

Income statements and balance sheets are important, but you are looking in the rear view mirror. Truth is they are results of 2 daily activities that are the 1% impacting 99% of business. To leverage them is a game changer.

To regain control of financial results, book your
CEO Consulting session.

Investment: €330



  • 2 hour consulting session

Seize New Opportunities Beyond Your Radar


To avoid money spent in wrong directions and missing emerging opportunities, get a samurai-like Laser Focus.

In violatile environment it’s easier to invest time, energy and money in the wrong direction. But it’s a luxury businesses can no longer afford. It's a totally different ball game to sieze the right opportunities with agility and speed.

To focus on revenue and profit opportunities with urgency, book CEO Strategy Days.

Investment: €19,987



  • 1 + 1 Strategy days w/ CEO to save years
  • 2 + 3 hour sessions w/ CEO to sense opportunities
  • 1 month CEO execution

Mobilize your team to thrive in inflation


To avoid sluggish revenue and profit  growth that can bury your business in inflation, you need to mobilize your team.

To thrive in economic winter cutting costs won’t be enough. It requires unparalleled growth and calls for Olympic engagement of the full capacity of everyone – head, heart and actions. It's only you, the CEO, who can drive that.

To mobilize your team as never before, book:
CEO coaching sessions for Olympic team alignment

Investment: €39,970


Minimum package includes:

  • 8 × 2 hour CEO coaching sessions
  • 8 Executive summaries for precise decisions
  • 4 months of CEO execution with accountability

Execute to wow your clients and grow under pressure


To avoid losing momentum, build an execution rhythm with your team, combining ultra marathon and short sprints.

In a health, economic and psychological crisis you as CEO need to orchestrate the team to execute with the precision of a “beyond-visual-range missile” and constantly turn challenges into customer wows and profitable growth.

To execute w/ the team as never before, book:
CEO coaching sessions for Olympic team execution

Investment: €39,970


Minimum package includes:

  • 8 × 2 hour CEO coaching sessions
  • 8 Executive summaries for precise decisions
  • 4 months of CEO execution with accountability

* All prices are without VAT.

Each business has its unique needs.
Depending on the size and business goals of the organization, bigger solutions may be needed.


We always recommend to start small. For brief preliminary exploration of what would best serve your specific needs, book a consulting session.

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World-class service for CEOs refined for 15 years


In 2010 our work with EOS Matrix was acknowledged as “a benchmark on the planet”. The CEO used inside-out approach to first get clarity on the company direction and commit to it, then to engage the team and execute under the pressure of the financial crisis in 2008–2009. They used the crisis as a fuel to build organizational resilience, face challenges, meet targets and lay a solid foundation for sustainable growth in the next decade.

The recognition came from the Germany based Frank Bresser Consulting, which selected best practices of 23 organizations, among which also NASA (USA), SAP (Germany), the BBC (UK), Ramada Hotel (Costa Rica), UNIQA (Serbia), Nordea Bank (Estonia), T-Mobile (Europe), etc.

Since 2010 we've been refining the principles for sustainable growth embedded in this case by adding cutting-edge organizational and human technologies. Now you can take advantage of our approach that's been rigourously put to the test in wide range of industries, organizational specifics and in any economy.

Equip your executive team for the economic storm with urgency

Urgently accelerate team results with #1 conversational practice


To prepare the business for the economic storm the speed of your executive team is critical.

Yet so often the human speed lags behind the market whirlwind as its key driver – conversation is still as slow as a horse cart. Listen to the voices of CEOs and Directors at top firms: “I’ve been postponing this conversation for 3 months”, “We avoided talking about a problem for a while until it blew up in our face.”

Urgently equip your executive team with the mindset and the toolset to execute with speed in economic turbulence. You will get #1 conversational practice that can propel execution, created by Judith Glaser, creator of Coversational Intelligence® (C-IQ). She worked with CEOs and executives of Fortune 500 companies, including Angela Ahrendts, former Senior VP of Apple Retail, for over 20 years.
Book this game changing workshop.

Investment: €9,980


Package includes:

  • 2 hour alignment with the CEO goals
  • 1 hour wrap up of results with the CEO
  • Two 4 hour modules
  • 4 weeks of practice with accountability

In the making of a trillion dollar business at Apple


Transforming the customer experience at the Apple retail stores across the world as a place to connect is what Angela Ahrendts achieved as a Senior VP of Apple Retail during her tenure from 2014 to 2019.

She managed 67,000 people – 2/3 of all Apple employees, and increased revenues from online and physical store from $37 billion to $59 billion. Employee retention hit the whopping 89% (up from 61% in 2 years), compared to 20% average across the rest of the industry.

In 2018 Apple became the world’s first trillion-dollar company. According to AppleInsider, her work was “central to the rise of the company into the world’s most profitable firm”.

Naturally, Angela Ahrendts’s been Apple’s best-paid employee, taking in $24.2 million in 2017. That’s twice what Apple CEO Tim Cook salary.

Previously, Ahrendts was CEO of the luxury fashion house Burberry for 8 years, where she transformed it from a traditional business that was stagnating and couldn’t break through the $1 billion mark into a technologically savvy international powerhouse. During her tenure she tripled the value of Burberry shares to approximately $9 billion. For her contribution to British business Angela Ahrendts received the honorary The Dame of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth.

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“Together technology and conversations are
the next wave of where people are going in the next 10 years.” 

Judith E. Glaser

Coach and consultant of Angela Ahrendts, former CEO of Burberry and VP of Apple

Irina was in the first “dream team” of Judith Glaser
to spearhead Conversational Intelligence® globally

Among our customers are CEOs of:

We love supporting CEOs
to wow their clients, increase the quality of life
and to sustainably grow their business


We deeply believe that business is the greatest force for good in the world. 
So, we consciously choose to partner with CEOs striving with their products and services to increase the quality of life of people and step by step – the overall environment. Here are some visions into reality aiming to improve:

Health, fitness and life through sport with adidas.

Financial culture – people becoming more responsible at managing their debt with EOS.

Next generation water sewage infrastructure throughout Bulgaria with ACO.

Food culture with 24 Kitchen and “Explore Bulgaria” of Nat Geo with FOX International.

Mobility and overall quality of life with Balkanstar.

Adversity is the time for CEO mastery
and 10X business growth 


From our 15 year experience of deep work in organizations, large and small, what we know adversity is the most fertile soil for CEO mastery and bold business growth.

In the current health, economic and psychological crisis every CEO needs to make a choice – to hunker down or turn everyday struggles into everyday greatness, wow your clients and ×10 your business growth. And find a way to win not in spite of adversity, but because of it. This are the times to stop “business as usual” and create compelling vision to propel us all forward.

Five of our CEO clients in the Top 10


Five of our CEO clients were in the Top 10 – the finalists of the most prestigeous competition for CEOs in Bulgaria “Manager of the Year”. It is organized by Manager magazine and the consultancy Deloitte and candidates need to meet rigorous criteria. These leaders inspired us to believe even more that when CEOs has the courage to face challenges everything rises – they as leaders, their teams and their business growth.

“Managers 2020” blueprint for the future of management


In 2010 we were the first to raise the conversation about the future of management with the article “Managers 2020” in Manager magazine. This visionary blueprint inspired a regular column for a full year, where over 21 CEOs and global thought leaders contributed their visions. Among them Alvin Toffler and Jeanie Duck, a world-renowned change management expert and former VP at BCG.

Bold vision for Bulgaria – hub for world-class leaders


In 2013 we shared our bold vision for Bulgaria to become a hub for world-class leaders who with their products and services make the world a better place. We were profiled in an interview “Shaping Bulgaria” for the cover of “Coaching at Work” – the leading magazine in the coaching industry, published in the UK and renowned worldwide.

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